Are Text And Phone Battles Putting Your Children In The Middle?

Let’s talk about confidential conversations.

Do you find yourself walking into your pantry or stepping out on your porch to avoid your children hearing your telephone conversations?Children In The Middle

If you do, give yourself a Gold Star!

Phone conversations and text messages can get very personal and you don’t want to put your children in the middle of a conversation where something is said that you can never pull back.

By being conscientious of your chatter, you are protecting your children from worries and concerns.

Especially because they may hear only parts of your conversations with a confidante or a friend and they will draw conclusions from those fragments.

During this time of transition, you might find yourself reaching out, texting, and calling loved ones more often. This is healthy. Reach out to loved ones, talk with them, gain their support, but along the way, stay aware and keep your childrens eyes and ears away as you have these conversations.

Kids have natural and instinctual abilities to tune into their parents.

Listening to your current phone conversations and seeing your emotions is a way they monitor and assess their world and how you are doing.

So continue to keep your conversations private with your friends and loved ones as you discuss your divorce, legal issues, etc.

Keep your phone and text messages in your possession!

To be extra safe, DELETE sent and received messages and voice mail messages as soon as you read or listen to them if they are sensitive.

Don’t leave your phone sitting around on the kitchen table or in an area where your kids might see a text come in and be curious to find out who is texting you and what it says.

Your kids may come up to you as you’re talking or you’ve walked away into your bedroom or out onto your porch. It’s okay for you to tell them that you are having a private conversation and that you will be done shortly and will come back in and talk to them.

By not putting your children in the middle and honoring and protecting them in this way, you can continue to navigate through this journey of divorce in a peaceful, loving way.

In support…

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill
Founder of Empowering Children of Divorce
Ambassador of Children and Divorce

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