Divorce Wars: Are You Putting Your Children In The Middle Of A Social Media Battle?

Do you ever find yourself tempted to share details of your divorce or your ex on social networking sites?

When emotions run high, in a moment of impulse, it’s easy to hit the SHARE button, but not so easy to pull it back. I want to caution you about having divorce wars online.

Children In The MiddleDivorce is a private matter and spilling out details of your divorce via social networking online can put your children in the middle of a social media crossfire that could go public.

Many feel an emotional release with all the social networking options available. It’s a tremendous tool, however it’s not the communication tool to discuss your divorce. Issues with divorce and legal matters are private, and need to be discussed in private.

“There are no secrets on the internet.”

CAUTION: Although you may think that your comments, pictures, tagging, videos and such are only seen by your select friends list online, understand that over time, anything has the potential of leaking out.

Social media sites change their privacy policies frequently. Something that was once contained amongst you and your friends list could one day become public by a change in technology, a policy, or even a computer error.

Beyond that, consider that your now friends, coworkers, and acquaintances will change over time and there is nothing preventing them from resurfacing something months or years from now that you once published online. You don’t want you or your children in the middle of something like that.

Many parents and children have caught themselves expressing or venting on the social networking sites very personal, matters in reference to divorce.

Once something is published, don’t think you can just change your mind and pull it back, the internet and curious eyes are faster than you think.

So when it comes to divorce wars online, I’m here to say, STOP!

Do not use social networking sites as a venue to discuss your family during a divorce.
If there’s something you need to share with a friend or a loved one, do it privately, not where the world can see.

The rule of thumb is: “Do not publish anything online that you would not want public now or in the future.” This will protect both you and your kids.

Remind your children that although it’s important to share and discuss divorce matters, it should be done in a safe private way with friends, loved ones and professionals, not in social media online.

Utilize social networking sites to socialize and update others about what you want the world to know, but make sure it’s the kind of information that will bring no harm to anyone now or in the future.

The internet is a wonderful communication tool. Remember what it was designed for and use social media responsibly.

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill
Founder of Empowering Children of Divorce
Ambassador of Children and Divorce, HowToLiveOnPurpose.com

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