Signs Of Stress: Are You Letting Your Emotions Run Your Divorce?

How to keep your emotions from running your divorce.

Do you ever feel signs of stress like feeling exhausted or like you are being driven by your emotions?

Signs Of Stress

Well you are not alone.  Most feel this way.


Because you are not a physical being having an emotional experience, you are an emotional and spiritual being having a physical experience.

Knowing this, you need to recognize your emotions and embrace them but not let your emotions run you.

Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Tune in to your feelings
  • Respond vs react
  • Cooperate for mutual benefit

Be aware of your feelings, write them down and talk to loved ones about how you’re feeling.

Most importantly, do not react and make immediate decisions based on how you feel at that given moment. Give yourself a few moments to process your emotions and choose your response.

Many times my clients have had emotional “knee jerk reactions” to things… only later to learn that it’s a struggle to undo those actions.

For example… Let’s say you get a call from the other parent to see if you will switch parenting times because something has come up like a birthday party or a weekend away.  At first, this request can feel like a threat or a feeling of loss to you.

Your emotional response could be something like… “No way that’s my time. You have your time I have mine.”

Then sometime in the future, you have a need and you make a similar request to the other parent and oops… Their emotional response may be mirrored back to you as something like, “No way you didn’t help me out last time.”

So rather than having these “knee jerk reactions“, give yourself a moment and choose to respond to these requests rather then react to them and always keep the children’s best interest in mind.

Then whatever your decisions may be, you’ll feel better about your decision and everyone involved will benefit.

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill
Support System Inc

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    Thanks Dr. Sue! You’re the best and so is your advice.

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