Felicias Family Divorces

A Book by, Psychologist Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill

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Dr. SueAnne Magyar-HillHi, this is Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill and I wanted to explain and talk about the book that I c o-authored called Felicia’s Family Divorces.

Felicia’s Family Divorces is a book about a little girl, seven years old, who gets the news broken to her by her parents that they are divorcing and in this, what’s unique about this book is that it is interactive.

There is a journaling piece after every chapter and also questions that parents or grandparents or loved ones can ask to the child that they are reading this to, or that is reading, how they feel about what is going on in the chapter which will be very revealing to the parent or the loved one reading it.

How they’re feeling about the parting and the divorce that their parent is going through.

It’s a very powerful tool in that way because most stories about divorce for young children between five and thirteen are the story and implying what the character in the book is experiencing.

But what’s unique about this book is children get to impose their own thoughts and feelings and I think it’s very revealing and helpful not only for the child but the parents as well and those who are reading it.

So again, Felicia’s Family Divorces is very appropriate for kids five to thirteen years old.

It is a book that can be read in a sitting or it can be a book that’s read chapter by chapter since it goes from the incept of breaking the news, to healing, a chapter of healing and life going on, and very powerful, very helpful tool for parents and children within that age range.

Enjoy my book, Felicia’s Family Divorces.

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill

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