Divorce Tips | Are You Trying To Be A Super-Parent?

Are you trying to be a Super-Parent… Trying to handle absolutely everything by yourself for you and your child as a result of the divorce?

This can be quite a balancing act, and one that you may be experiencing right now. So here are some divorce tips surrounding trying to be a Super-Parent.

Divorce TipsMany of my clients report feeling like a horrible mess of guilt and fear attached to their decision about parting, and one of the responses that can occur is what I call Magical Thinking.

Magical Thinking is when you think yourself… “Alright then, I’ll just do it all. I’ll take it all on and I’ll be everything to everyone, especially my children.”

This is one way to attempt to undo and make up for the pain and distress you may feel you have caused your kids.

This Magical Thinking then can trigger the hero role of the Super-Parent. Although it’s true you are capable of amazing feats, at the end of the day… you can only do so much alone and that is to be human.

So rather than trying to be a Super-Parent, be a Healthy Parent.

What is a Healthy Parent?

As a Healthy Parent you are emotionally stable and balanced, able to be present and engaged with your child on a daily basis, able to follow through with your commitments, and spend quality time with your children.

As a  Healthy Parent you also set appropriate boundaries so your children can have a sense of direction, and feel that you are their anchor and their guide through life.

So being a Healthy Parent takes the pressure off you to be a Super-Parent, and your role of being a Healthy Parent will help you and your children endure today and forever

In support…

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill
Founder of Empowering Children Of Divorce

Speaking of being a Healthy Parent, I have created a resource for you called “Healing Broken Families” to help you with difficult issues surrounding divorce.

By being a Healthy Parent you are in a better position to raise Healthy Kids.

Learn more about that here: Healing Broken Families

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