NSC ‘will not tolerate’ NSC member’s ‘unwitting’ comments

The NSC has denied reports that it is trying to oust the country’s chief justice, as the Congress seeks to take over the post.

The Supreme Court is set to take up the matter on March 24.

Sources in the Supreme Court said that NSC members were in a “state of shock” and are waiting for the final ruling from the apex court.

“We have been hearing such reports for a long time.

They are not news.

They cannot be news.

We are waiting,” a source in the NSC said.

The sources added that the Supreme, which is yet to issue any ruling, will only act when the matter is “completely settled”.

The NOC is headed by the retired Supreme Court judge N.S. Khanna.

The court has previously said that it would not act if any member of the NOC, especially a senior judge, makes an “unwarranted and unqualified” comment.

The Congress has accused the NMC of trying to remove the court’s former chief justice.

“If we are not able to retain our chief justice who is a constitutional and democratic law-maker, what hope is there for our country?”

Congress spokesperson Raju Jain told The Hindu.

“What is the NLC’s role in the country?

We have been asking for a fresh selection of our chief justices for the last three decades.

What kind of country is India if the chief justice cannot be the chief of the court?”

Congress spokesperson R.V. Prasad said the NCC had been “shocked” and that they were “still waiting for a final decision”.

“NSC members are shocked and their minds are in a state of shock,” he said.

“They are still waiting for this decision.”

The NSC was set up in 1949 as the apex of the Indian legal system, and has a mandate from the country to be the countrys chief law-making body.

But in recent months, it has faced criticism from all sides for its slow pace of implementation of new laws and the high number of corruption cases.