Licensed educational psychologist salaries,licensed psychologist salaries – New Zealand

New Zealand’s licensed educational psychologist has become a lucrative and well-paid profession, with a salary that tops $100,000 a year.

The New Zealand Medical Research Council has published the salaries of its three licensed educational psychologists, and paid them $100k in 2016, and $85,000 in 2015.

“It’s a very high salary, particularly in the private sector, and it’s a good salary for a specialist,” says Dr Mark MacFarlane, director of education for the Medical Research Club.

Dr MacFarenys salary is significantly higher than that of a third of his peers in the industry.

“We are really fortunate that we have a lot of excellent and highly qualified people that are working for us, that are paid by the MRC,” he says.

The Medical Research Clubs medical director, Dr Michael McGlashan, says it’s not unusual for people to make upwards of $100K a year for their teaching.

“I would be surprised if someone who has a bachelor of arts degree in a field of education is making that much money for their own practice.”

There are other reasons why people may make a salary of more than $100 a year, such as working at a public hospital, he says, or a business.

“The pay scale is very competitive and so is the type of training that’s offered, so it’s quite competitive in terms of the types of people you have to recruit.”

Dr MacGlasham says some of the best-paid doctors in New Zealand are in teaching.

While most licensed psychologists are in private practice, there are some in other roles, like teaching at primary and secondary schools.

“There are a lot more qualified teachers than there are people with master of education, so there’s more qualified people in teaching than there is in other professions,” he said.

“But they also have a higher proportion of their practice being in teaching, so we have more teachers than we do doctors.”

Dr McGlasher says he has a couple of private practice doctors who make $150,000-$180,000 per year.

“Some of them are highly qualified and some of them don’t, but they are well compensated for their work, they have a nice home and a lot to look forward to.”

The MRC also publishes its medical director salary and medical director pay scale annually, which you can find here.

Dr Mcglasham recommends that the salary range of a licensed psychologist be based on the quality of the work that the person is doing, not the salary they make.

“As we’re looking at the compensation that we pay, it’s important to look at the quality, and I think that’s where the salary scale comes into play.”

Dr McIntyre says some licensed psychologists may make less than their colleagues, and that’s something that should be taken into account.

“You should look at how well you’re doing and whether you’re making enough money to live on, and to not be working on your own and being self-sustaining,” she says.

“And you need to consider the types and the quantity of the hours you’re working.”

Dr McClelland says that if a doctor is self-sufficient, they can make a very good living as a psychologist, and not be a burden on the health system.

“That’s the nature of being a licensed practitioner, and in fact that’s the way they’re paid in New South Wales, because it’s self-sufficiency that’s what makes them so attractive.”

The cost of living in New England is not that much different to Australia’s, Dr McClellan says, so many licensed psychologists who are employed in New York can make good incomes.

“When you compare the cost of a New York apartment to a New England apartment, it may be a little bit more expensive in New New Zealand,” she said.

There are some other ways to earn a living that do not involve a professional position, but are important to some licensed teachers.

“If you’re a licensed educational psychology teacher, you’re looking for a job where you have the flexibility to do things that you would like to do,” she explains.

“So you can go and do your own teaching, do your work-study and also teach, so that’s a lot less work.”