Psychiatrist says she’s tired of the male psychologists who ‘don’t understand’ women

The psychotherapist who wrote a bestselling book on female psychology says she is tired of men’s tendency to treat women as sex objects.

“I’m not just tired of guys who don’t understand women,” said psychiatrist El Paso.

She said she has seen more than her fair share of men treating women like sex objects or even rapists.

“Men treat women like animals, they treat women, they don’t give them a chance to think and to think critically,” she said.

“They are not human beings.”

But El Pasos book, ‘The Female Psychologist: The Unspoken Truths of Psychotherapy’, has already sold more than 1.5 million copies.

The book focuses on the ways women and girls have been oppressed in the past, but it’s a topic that has become a hot topic in the media.

Psychiatrist El Pasó says she has witnessed more than one woman’s suicide in her 30 years of practice.

“You have these stories of how a woman who is raped by her father has no recourse and is just left to the mercy of her attacker,” she told ABC News.

El Pasó, who has been treating young women for the past 15 years, said many of her patients were women who had been sexually abused by their fathers.

“The father is not a monster.

He has never been violent or predatory,” she explained.”

But he’s the one who brings her into this world, who makes her into a sexual object.”

El Pasos own experience of abuse has been documented by The Sunday Times.

Her daughter, who is now 16, told the newspaper she was sexually abused as a child and had been raped at her school.

“It was all about me and being me,” she was quoted as saying.

“My father raped me, he did not like me or anything.”

She said her father would “tell my mother to give me more than she wanted to give to me”.

El Pasoz also described how she had a boyfriend when she was 14 and told her mother, “You can have my body”.

She also described an incident where she was given an epidural to make her get up on her feet, only to have her boyfriend, who was not a patient, get involved.

“There were other boys around the room.

He pushed me up and down on my back.

I was crying and I was scared.

I felt violated and violated by my body,” she wrote in the book.”

This was my life and I couldn’t even say it was rape.

I couldn, it was all so painful.

It was very, very traumatic.”

Psychiatrists have told ABC Australia they see a lot of the same issues that young people are facing in terms of being treated like sex toys.

Psychologists say they see too many men treating the female patient as sex object.

“Men are often not even aware of the way that they treat their women as objects,” psychiatrist El Pascual said.