The US Air Force has a free psychologist for those who don’t want to go into psychiatry

The US Army has a psychologist for its air force.

The US Marines has a psychology psychologist for marines.

And the US Air National Guard has a psychiatrist for its soldiers.

But for some, the military’s psychologists aren’t the best options for finding an answer to a mental health issue.

Here’s what to know about the militarys psychiatric psychologists and their role in the armed forces.

How the military is paying for psychologists in the US The military has a few psychologists for specific military roles, but for the most part, it doesn’t pay for psychiatrists, psychologist assistants or psychologist assistants in general.

Instead, it pays for psychologists for the US military’s psychiatric psychologists.

In 2017, the Department of Defense awarded a contract worth about $3.7 million for the psychologists to perform evaluations on veterans, including those who’ve deployed.

The contract also includes $1.5 million to pay for an additional psychologist to work with soldiers who’ve returned from combat zones.

This was in addition to the $1 million in training funding the Pentagon had planned to provide to psychologists to help them better understand and communicate with their troops.

The psychologists are paid through a special fund, called the Military Psychologist Service Grant, or MPS Grant.

The MPS grant pays for a range of services, including psychological assessments and case management, training, and clinical evaluations, according to a Department of the Army (DoD) press release.

It also pays for “patient and family support services,” which includes “psychology consultation and case-management for service members and their families, including mental health support, mental health education, and professional development and referrals.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which also provides mental health care, has the same funding for its psychiatrists and psychologists, and VA officials told us that the VA is currently not paying for their services, and that they have no plans to do so.

Why psychologists can help Veterans The VA’s mental health services are not the only mental health treatment available for veterans.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the military and veterans can receive various types of psychotherapy for various types and degrees of symptoms.

Some of the different types of therapy are: Cognitive behavioral therapy, which involves using a variety of cognitive-behavioral skills and exercises to help veterans learn and develop skills that will help them deal with PTSD.