The ‘Best’ Psychiatrist in America

The best psychologist in America can be a little difficult to pin down, but in the NFL there are some of the best minds in the game.

For a player who has spent so much of his career working with players and teams, there is a clear divide between the types of players he plays with and the types he coaches.

Some players have developed an affinity for mental toughness, while others are just so driven by the game that they’re willing to sacrifice their own health.

One of the top players in the league who has a similar affinity for toughness, Eric Reid, was a coach at Stanford before he joined the Philadelphia Eagles.

He’s played for six teams and made nearly $8 million in his career.

Reid played alongside some of NFL’s best players and coaches.

(Getty Images) There’s a common theme to all of these players, though: They’re driven to succeed, and there is some of that in Reid, too.

Reid and former Philadelphia Eagles coach Pat Shurmur have a history of working with one another.

Reid coached Reid at Stanford, and the two were teammates at Stanford from 2002-2007.

Reid went to Stanford in 2007 as the first assistant coach, a position Shurm eventually left in 2011 to become the defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Reid was a key figure in Shurmuns defense, helping to develop an offense that ranked No. 4 in the country during Shurms tenure.

Reid has also been involved with NFL head coaches since 2012.

His work with Shurmers teams led to a stint as a graduate assistant under Shurmer in Tampa Bay.

He also spent time working with the Panthers, who Reid was hired by as the assistant offensive line coach in 2010.

Reid had a chance to join the Dolphins in 2015, but he chose not to, opting to return to Stanford to coach offensive line.

Reid is a physical specimen who can run and pass block.

He was an All-American at Stanford and has played a variety of positions, including defensive tackle and offensive tackle.

He started as a backup quarterback at Stanford but played well enough to be named a semifinalist for the Bob Bostad Award as the nation’s best defensive tackle in 2013.

He then started his career as a wide receiver at Stanford.

He spent his first six seasons in the pros as a full-time starter, winning five championships with the Cardinal and then three with the Giants.

Reid also played for Shurmins defensive coordinator with the Chargers, where he started four seasons, but left the team to become an offensive line guru.

He went on to be a head coach at Miami for six seasons, becoming the Dolphins’ offensive line coordinator from 2014-16.

Reid spent time coaching quarterbacks at Florida State, Clemson and Clemson-Huntsville, and was a three-year head coach for the Patriots from 2016-17.

He moved on to become Miami’s offensive line director in 2019 and then the Dolphins offensive line head coach from 2021-21.

Reid served as an offensive coordinator for the Browns from 2018-20, including as the offensive line’s offensive coordinator in 2020 and 2021.

He worked under offensive line coaches in Houston and Tampa Bay from 2016 to 2020, as well as in Oakland and Baltimore.

He became a defensive coordinator for Philadelphia in 2018.

Reid won the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at Clemson in 2003.

His father, Robert, is a former defensive coordinator at Clemson and the Dolphins, and Reid’s mother, Mary, is an assistant coach at Clemson.

His mother has coached at both Miami and Stanford.

Reid became a head coaching assistant for the Buffalo Bills in 2014, before joining the Chargers in 2018, where the Chargers went 11-5 during his time there.

He helped the Chargers to a Super Bowl win in 2019.

He and Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn also worked together as linebackers coach in Philadelphia in 2013, where they also went 11:2.

Reid led the Eagles to the playoffs in his first year as head coach.

He won two division titles and the NFC East title with the Eagles before being fired in late 2018.

The Chargers hired Reid again in 2019, and he spent the first five seasons of his second stint with the team.

He coached quarterbacks at Michigan State from 2005-07 and won two national titles with the Spartans before being let go.

He returned to the Chargers as an assistant from 2018 to 2019 and led the Chargers from 2019 to 2021.

In 2018, Reid became the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, which he helped to a 9-7 record in 2019 before being released by the team in October.

He left the Raiders to become a scout for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He later was hired as the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator, which is what he spent most of his time as.

He joined the Eagles as the defensive line coach from 2016 and led them to a 6-7 mark in 2017.

In his second year, he was fired.

In 2017, he coached the Giants