How to Choose Your School Psychology Job Job With Listed Salary and Benefits

What is a school psychologist?

As with many career paths, a school psychology job requires a high level of education and experience.

This article will provide a quick look at the different types of schools and schools with their own curriculum, job titles, and salary ranges. 

For more information on career paths in the field of psychology, please read our Career Guide article.

Education:  A school psychologist must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university. 

What are the schools that offer a school psychological position?

A school psychology position can be offered at many different schools and colleges across the United States.

Schools and colleges that offer school psychology positions include:  University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) – Psychology Dept. – Education and Health Professions (EHP) Schools that offer the University of Wisconsin’s EHP Psychology Degree Program include:  University at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY) – Psychology Dept., EHP Degree Program – Psychology Dept. at Buffalo, NY University Medical Center (NY) Department of Psychology – EHP Doctor of Psychology, EHP Ph.

D. Program -Psychology Program at the University Medical Center University  of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX) EHIC (Eighth Degree in Health Education) School (Austin) Ph.

D in Health Sciences School of Medicine -EHP Pharmacy Education -Pharmaceutical Pharmacy (EHP-Pharma) Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) School of Nursing -Programmed Health Education Health Services and Behavioral Science (HSSBS) Health Science and Nursing (HNS) Drexel University School of Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) M.S. in Health Science and Education (Drexell University) The University of Michigan -Health Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Physics and Chemical Biology -Education Department -Doctoral Program in Health Care Technology School in Medical Education PhD in Biomedical Engineering -Medical Engineering Ph.d.

Program School -Drexler Health Sciences Department (School of Health Science) Sophomore Degree in Human Development and Health PhiDiploma Program (PhD program at the College of Medicine, Drexel) College of Engineering (College of Business) (Graduate degree program at MIT) University College London -Bioengineering -Engineering -Biomedical Engineering – Health (Medical and Health Sciences)  (Doctoral program in Health Health Sciences in the Department of Biology) Hospital Medicine (Hospital Physiology) Medical College of Georgia -Physiology -Linguistics -Psychology (Doctoral in Health Psychology) Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences (Doctor of Science at University of Texas Medical Branch) UCLA -Public Health -Human Resources -Maternal and Child Health (Maternal Health and Development Services) Doctoral Programs in Health and Physical Education MBA in Health Management (MBA-Health Management)  College at Syracuse -Biology (Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration) Littman College -General Education (General Education) Education, Health, and Behavior (Education, health and behavioral sciences) Graduate Degree in Physical Education (Graduate Education in Physical Science)