Psychology professor tulsae salary: $170,000

The psychology professor who left the University of Tulsa and has spent the last few years working for a behavioral psychology firm earned a $170-per-hour salary.

The Associated Press obtained the salary report, obtained through a public records request, from the Tulsa School of Medicine.

The AP obtained the report through a publicly available database of federal government salaries.

The Tulsa School declined to make the report public.

The report also was obtained by The Associated Press.

Tulsa is a city of about 1.6 million people in the south central part of Oklahoma, and its population is about 80,000.

Todas salary is $140,000 a year, including benefits, according to the report.

The pay raises for behavioral scientists and psychologists in the Tulsa school are the highest of any public university in the state, said Jason D’Souza, the university’s chief financial officer.

Tulsa University, a public university, said it’s a sign of the high salaries and high expectations of behaviorists, but it declined to provide any specific details about what it expects of its students.

It’s not unusual for the state’s largest school system to hire and fire behavioral researchers, D’Stouza said.

A Tulsa psychologist, for instance, is typically hired by Tulsa after a two-year stint at another school.

That psychologist is typically paid $75,000, he said.

“It’s not uncommon to find behavioral scientists who are at the top of their field, with great benefits, in other areas,” he said, adding that behaviorists in Tulsa are also highly paid.

The average salary for a behaviorist at Tulsa is $100,000 per year, according the AP.

The salaries are typically based on performance evaluations.

The psychologist who left Tulsa in December and works for a consulting firm that specializes in the work of behavioral science is expected to get a raise this summer, according with Tulsa officials.

The Associated Public News contributed to this report.

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