Psychologist pays $11.5k to coach ex-girlfriend in divorce case

A psychologist who has worked with the ex-wife of a prominent New York-based lawyer who had been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct has been paid $11,531.53 by the New York Civil Liberties Union to help her pursue her legal case.

The $11-an-hour salary for a psychologist with expertise in family therapy and psychotherapy, which is paid to psychologists and therapists at the same level, was posted on the agency’s website last week and includes a $9,999.90 bonus.

The former wife of lawyer Jeffrey Sachs, a prominent member of the global elite and a prominent supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was involved in a $40m settlement in a class action suit filed against Sachs last year.

The suit was settled with the former wife paying a total of $41m to settle the case. 

Sachs has denied any wrongdoing and is currently seeking to be re-elected to a second term as the nation’s chief economic adviser.

His former wife was not named in the suit but is named in a report by the US government’s Office of Government Ethics which concluded that she was aware of her husband’s conduct.

“The report noted that Mr Sachs had acknowledged to his staff and to other employees that he engaged in sexual harassment, and that he made clear that he was aware that some of his employees engaged in such conduct,” the report said.

“Sachas acknowledged that he had made efforts to stop it.”

Sachshman also told the New Yorker magazine in 2012 that he and his wife had been married for eight years.

The US government, which has investigated alleged sexual harassment against senior executives at large companies and has said it would investigate the allegations against the former boss of Facebook, has found no evidence that Sachs engaged in similar conduct.

In the civil case against Sachs, the former spouse claimed that she suffered a debilitating psychological and emotional trauma after she was subjected to verbal, physical, sexual and financial abuse from her husband.

She also alleged that the former husband’s repeated sexual advances, as well as his repeated attempts to intimidate her, caused her to seek therapy and seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

She alleged that his behaviour had “a devastating effect on my life and my mental health”.

The former husband, who was awarded $1.5 billion by the judge in the case, said his client had been the victim of a “witch hunt” by the media and the public and that she “did not deserve to suffer that”.

“We have worked hard and are grateful for the support and encouragement of our community and our friends and family,” he said.

The lawyer representing the former married couple in the class action lawsuit against Sachs said in a statement that the compensation was part of a compensation package given to other victims of sexual misconduct by Mr Sachs.

“We are very happy with this award,” he added.

“We will continue to fight this case vigorously.”

The New York City District Attorney’s office, which handled the case for the State Attorney General’s office and the New England Association of Retired Persons, said in its statement that it “took seriously its obligation to provide justice and ensure that the victim was afforded the resources she needed to pursue her lawsuit”.

“The attorney general’s office will continue its review of the compensation package,” it said.

“The settlement in this case is consistent with the State Department’s commitment to provide equal justice for all women in the workplace.”