Which psychologist is right for you?

A psychologist who has trained in child and adolescent mental health will be more likely to be the right fit for you.

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Dr Laura Nadeau, who is based at the University of Queensland, said she was always looking for qualified clinicians to work with children and teenagers.

“There are certain areas where it’s about more than just the psychology, but the clinical skills, the training, the research, that will give you an advantage,” she said.

“It’s about understanding the people and the needs of children and their families and their needs for mental health services.”

That’s something that I’ve been particularly interested in looking into.

“Ms Nadeaux said she had found that there were several factors that were crucial for a successful career in child psychology.”

You need to be a bit of a believer in the power of good science and good evidence, which is what I’m about,” she explained.”

I’m a believer that it’s important to work in a context where people are willing to listen, to take it seriously, to have a genuine understanding of the research that is being done, because it’s good for the health of society.

“Dr Nadeaus said that although there were many ways of assessing whether a child or adolescent is at risk of developing a mental health problem, there was also a need for someone with the skills and experience to take on a new role.”

If you want to be an expert, you have to be able to think about the whole spectrum of kids and adolescents, and to be willing to take the time to think through all those different dimensions,” she noted.”

So you need someone who can see the whole picture, not just a narrow one, but to understand what the whole range of children’s experiences are and what their needs are.

“The best way to do that is to have an excellent clinical practice and to have people who understand that.”

We need to have professionals who can be that bridge between the child and the child, who can help to bridge that gap.

“The research also showed that child psychologists needed to be experienced clinicians who were willing to be involved in the assessment of children as young as seven, as well as having a range of clinical and research skills.”

In order to be qualified to work as a child psychologist, you need to really know what you’re doing and how you can contribute to that research, to the field,” Ms Nadeaul said.

She also noted that many young people would be surprised to learn that the average age of first contact for a child with a mental illness is 16.”

One of the biggest challenges I have seen with young people in my field is that they don’t know what they’re getting into,” she added.”

They don’t understand that children and adolescents are more vulnerable to mental health problems, that they can get into situations where they might get into difficulties.

“Dr Laura says she had been a child and teen psychologist for nearly 40 years and has been recognised for her research and professional work.”

She has always been there for me, her care and expertise is always there,” she told ESPN.”

And she’s been very, very supportive of me and my colleagues.

“The ABC has requested comment from the Queensland Government.

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