When is the perfect time to have a child?

A new study says parents should give their babies the best possible chance of success.

The American Psychological Association said parents should consider all the options when making the choice about whether to have children.

“I think what’s going to happen is that they’re going to get a lot of information,” said psychologist Phil Buehler, who wrote the study.

“If you get too much information, they’re more likely to choose to have kids than if you get the least information.”

The study was based on a survey of more than 800 parents of newborns in five U.S. states, with results released Tuesday.

The researchers found parents’ choices were more likely if they were told they were planning to have their children when they were 18.

The survey also asked parents to indicate the best and worst factors that could influence their choice about having children.

The results showed parents of twins or triplets were most likely to have babies at the age of 18.

The study authors said the data suggests parents should look at their child’s needs as they make the decision about whether or not to have them.

“It’s important to remember that babies have a limited lifespan, they don’t live forever,” said Buehl.

“So if they are older than 18 months, they will probably be less likely to be healthy.

So I think it’s important for parents to think about what the needs of their children are, and what is the best time to get them.””

It is the parents that are making the decision and it’s not the baby, it’s the child,” he said.