How to deal with a narcissistic patient

A man was in the hospital last month for his first episode of self-harming behavior and it was his wife who had been responsible.

He had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

The episode, which he blamed on a severe case of cold-weather depression, began on Oct. 14 when he said he wanted to start the New Year’s Eve party and the mood in his apartment took a turn.

“My wife was the one who was in my room with me saying, ‘What are you doing?’

I was like, ‘I don’t know, maybe I’m in the middle of something,'” he said.

When his wife came to check on him the next day, he said she started talking to him like she was a little child.

She started asking him how he was doing, what he wanted and how he felt, he added.

As soon as she left the room, he was crying uncontrollably and his wife had to be called to the bedroom, he told NBC News.

Doctors found he had borderline personality and placed him in a psychiatric hospital in Nyack, New York, where he was diagnosed with a depressive disorder.

He is currently in a residential treatment program.

More From NBC News: The man told NBC that he has been hospitalized with bipolar disorder since January and was also treated with an antipsychotic medication, but he has said that medication was for a mental health problem rather than for the bipolar disorder.

“I’m still very depressed, still very angry and still very sad,” he said, adding that he was not the man he once was.

“The last thing I want is for someone to think that I’m just a bad person.”

His wife is also battling with bipolar, and his mother is battling with depression, according to NBC News affiliate WCBS in New York.

His psychiatrist says that the symptoms are similar to those of the condition that has been linked to mass shootings in the United States.

In fact, he says, the man who had the episode has been referred to a specialist for a psychological evaluation.

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