Why are you so afraid? A psychologist explains why she’s afraid of police

A psychologist has described how she is “uncomfortable” and “unfamiliar” with the role of law enforcement in her patients’ lives and how she feels “lonely” in the role.In a new BBC News special, Child psychologist Tampa police officer Stephanie Taylor tells the story of how she was forced to come up with a new role […]

How a psychotherapist can change your mind about vaccines

The most important lesson I learned from my clinical experience with vaccine-preventable diseases is that we don’t have to trust doctors to do the right thing.That’s because we’re a democracy, and it’s the people who decide what happens in their community and in their communities, not the experts.We don’t need to be told what we […]

How to become a certified mental health psychologist today

The number of psychologists is on the rise in the United States.But a new survey finds some of the best-trained doctors and therapists are struggling to stay competitive.The survey by the Association of Certified Mental Health Professionals, or ACMHP, looked at the state of the profession in 2015, and found the percentage of physicians practicing […]

How to get married in Florida

The Florida State University is looking for a Marriage Psychology degree.According to a news release, the school is looking to train a group of students to teach the Bachelor of Psychology degree to married couples who have already been married in other states.The program will teach the students how to deal with marriage counseling.The graduates […]

Best Psychology Professionals, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists for Medicare

A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York says it’s the best way to treat the mental health needs of Medicare beneficiaries.The report is based on a survey of more than 1,300 Medicare beneficiaries across the country, and is based partly on information gathered from Medicare’s Behavioral Health Monitoring Survey.According to the […]

‘We Don’t Need Your Help’: An Insider’s Guide to the New Year’s Eve Bomb Threat

“I think the threat level is very high,” says Richard Dolan, who manages social media for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.“There’s some people that have done it before.But I think it’s really the first time that this kind of a bomb threat has gone viral, and it’s been done in a very sophisticated way.”This year, […]

Psychology degree online offered online at Birmingham University

A degree in psychology from Birmingham University has been offered online.It comes after the University said a second degree online course would start in August and a further one in 2019.The online degree in Psychology and Biomedical Sciences (PhySBS) is offered by the University of Birmingham.The first degree in the discipline at the University was […]

Psychiatrist recommends medication for psychologist staten islands

A psychologist who prescribes medication to her patients has recommended it to the island’s leaders.The psychiatrist, Dr. Christine Sexton, who works at the island of Staten Island, has a new prescription for medication for a patient who was prescribed medication by a local psychiatrist for anxiety.Staten Island Mayor John Wray says he and his fellow […]

Psychiatrist accused of abuse of children in Idaho

A psychologist accused of abusing children in rural Idaho has been arrested.Psychiatrist John C. Kocher was arrested in Boise on Monday and charged with child sexual abuse, the Idaho Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement.Kocher is currently in custody.He has been with the Department of Mental Health since 2016, according to a […]

How to identify the difference between school psychologist and therapist

A psychologist’s role in helping students improve academically and socially is not always an easy one to define.Many professionals and researchers do not think that a psychologist can do much beyond what is recommended by their academic training.What is required is more than just a doctorate.A psychologist needs to be able to provide practical support […]