Why do people with disabilities hate job applications?

Posted May 01, 2018 09:04:50It might seem odd for people with physical disabilities to apply for a job as an educator.But it’s a lot easier for them to get through a disability application than it is for someone who doesn’t have a physical disability.For example, people with autism, epilepsy and Tourette syndrome can have difficulty […]

Which games have you played and why?

We’ve asked our readers to share their favourite games and what they’re currently playing, and they’ve given us some interesting responses.Games like Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Overwatch: Battle Royale and the upcoming The Walking Dead: Season 2 are all great examples.You can check out some of their top picks below.Overwatch is one […]

How to Prescribe Your Psychologist Symbol for Your New Job

By now you probably know how to fill out your application to the job market.But if you’re looking for help finding a new psychologist, it’s time to check out this free tool.The Psychology Salary Calculator provides a list of professions that require psychological training and how much it will cost.Using the tool, you can compare […]

Why you should consider Air Force psychologist and Air Force veteran Johnnie Cochran as a top-notch adviser

Former Air Force officer and psychologist Johnnie “Jack” Cochran has been selected as the U.S. Air Force’s top psychologist for the next five years, the Air Force announced Thursday.The announcement was made during a ceremony at the Pentagon.Cochran has led Air Force Psychological Services since 2011.The announcement came as the Air National Guard prepares to […]

How to be a psychologist jobs nydc

If you want to be an academic psychologist, you need to be working as one.A job like this requires an academic degree and a PhD in psychology.But the job of a psychologist doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be employed in the field.Psychologists can work in many different professions and are generally paid well.Psychologist jobs […]

Are psychologists underpaid?

You know you’re in the thick of the field when you see psychologists earning $200,000 a year, or more.This salary gap between professionals and their peers has prompted some researchers to ask whether this is actually a sustainable wage level.The new pay gap between psychologists and their peer groups is particularly stark, as psychologists have […]