How to Become a Highly Effective, Positive Therapist

If you are seeking a career change for your career, the right job could be the answer.According to a recent survey by the National Employment Law Project, the average salary of a licensed psychologist is $85,000 a year.This is a high salary that is typically reserved for psychologists in the behavioral and psychological fields, and […]

Which NFL players are the best psychologists in the world?

It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves.We ask ourselves it when we look at the world of football players, but it’s a hard question to answer.So we asked NFL players to name the best doctors, psychologists, social workers and therapists in their profession.We’ve ranked all of the top 30 NFL players and their […]

What to expect as you prepare for the first of two clinical trials

One in four people in the United States are being treated for depression and anxiety.Now a new study is looking at the impact of antidepressants on those who take them.Dr. Christina Dolan is the director of the University of Florida’s Clinical Research and Education Program and the lead author of a study that was published […]

The psychologist degree is not for everyone

You can have the degree you want, but that doesn’t mean you need to become a psychologist.That’s the view of a new study published in the journal Psychological Science.┬áIt found that those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology were more likely to be seen as normal or a role model, but those with more experience […]

College Years: The Psychology of Depression

The first thing I want to do is get to know you better.I want you to feel comfortable, to feel like you are here.We want you out of your shell.We have to take the reins.We don’t want you worrying about what people are saying.We’re not worried about whether people are talking about you.We just want […]

Why does VA use VA job listings?

Posted January 02, 2019 06:12:15 VA jobs are among the most expensive in the country.The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average hourly wage paid for VA employees was $34.90 in February 2019.VA has some of the most restrictive health care systems in the nation, including strict screening and […]

‘The world’s largest psychology company’: Why pay for a job?

If you’re a psychologist or an online therapist, you’re probably aware that there are lots of ways to earn a living.And if you’re one of the few who still don’t have a salary, here’s how to earn it in 2018.The full list of psychology companies with online psychologist jobs.Psychologist salaries (alphabetical order) Salary ranges per […]

Which psychologist is best to talk to your kids about PTSD?

The most popular therapist in the world, Toni Treap, is best known for her role in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”The first-time mother of two says that while she loves her job, she has no time for stressors and wants to focus on healing her family.But she is worried about how to keep her kids […]

The ‘psychologist baton’ is a sign of success

Dr. Baton Rouge, an expert in the field of child development, said that he has been seeing a lot of success in the fields of mental health, education, and parenting.He said he believes that mental health professionals are often overlooked in the process of parenting, because they tend to work on the side of the […]