How to get the highest salary in your field: A psychologist

By Kate Clements, Buzzfeed EditorWhat are your career aspirations?Are you a social psychologist?Do you like writing?Are there areas of psychology you want to specialize in?Are you interested in social psychology?Do they have an app for that?Do your social psychology degrees exist in an online database?Do you know where to get an online job placement?Do a […]

Psychiatrists say they’ve ‘not seen a single case’ of people being treated with ‘shame’ and ‘slander’ in treatment

Psychiatrists and psychologists are warning that their professional practice is increasingly seeing people being unfairly treated in the UK.The Royal College of Psychiatrists said it has seen “a dramatic rise” in cases of abuse in its services, with an average of four cases per week.In a report, it said that some psychiatrists have had “trivial” […]

‘Black psychologists are like black doctors’: Are black doctors like black psychologists?

If you’re a black doctor, then you’re probably an “inspirational” doctor, and that’s probably a good thing, but there’s also a darker side to the profession.It’s not just the fact that you’re white, but the fact you’re in a profession that many people see as racially biased.For example, black psychologists are considered “inspiring” in their […]