Psychology professor tulsae salary: $170,000

The psychology professor who left the University of Tulsa and has spent the last few years working for a behavioral psychology firm earned a $170-per-hour salary.The Associated Press obtained the salary report, obtained through a public records request, from the Tulsa School of Medicine.The AP obtained the report through a publicly available database of federal […]

How to Become a Highly Effective, Positive Therapist

If you are seeking a career change for your career, the right job could be the answer.According to a recent survey by the National Employment Law Project, the average salary of a licensed psychologist is $85,000 a year.This is a high salary that is typically reserved for psychologists in the behavioral and psychological fields, and […]

When You Need to Know How Much Your Salary is, But You Don’t Care

When you need to know how much your salary is, but you don’t care, you can’t go wrong with hiring a psychologist.And it’s not only because you want to make sure your child’s school, college, or even your company gets paid a fair wage.The pay and benefits of psychologists are a matter of public interest.As […]

Psychiatrist accused of abuse of children in Idaho

A psychologist accused of abusing children in rural Idaho has been arrested.Psychiatrist John C. Kocher was arrested in Boise on Monday and charged with child sexual abuse, the Idaho Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement.Kocher is currently in custody.He has been with the Department of Mental Health since 2016, according to a […]