GOP lawmakers say conservatives should be more involved in health care debate

Republicans have long criticized liberals for having too much influence on the health care system.Now, conservatives say it’s time to take a more active role in crafting health care legislation.Republicans have long accused liberals of having too many influence on health care policy.Now, conservatives are calling for a more proactive role.The most immediate change conservatives […]

When It Comes to Medical Specialists, How Much Do They Make?

A new study finds that there is no difference between psychiatrists and psychologists, but there are many differences.“There is no such thing as a ‘purely mental’ psychiatrist,” the study authors write.“In the vast majority of cases, the psychiatrist is a licensed psychologist and has an appropriate education and training.”In fact, the study found that the […]

Why are conservatives so angry about President Trump?

A conservative psychologist and activist has launched an online petition urging President Donald Trump to resign.“It’s been a month of anger and frustration,” Dr. James Dobson told BuzzFeed News in an exclusive interview.“I don’t have a cure for it.We’re still waiting for it to be cured.But I’m tired of watching the Republicans and Democrats in […]