Psychiatrist says she’s tired of the male psychologists who ‘don’t understand’ women

The psychotherapist who wrote a bestselling book on female psychology says she is tired of men’s tendency to treat women as sex objects.“I’m not just tired of guys who don’t understand women,” said psychiatrist El Paso.She said she has seen more than her fair share of men treating women like sex objects or even rapists.“Men […]

Dr. Rachael Howard on Dr. Rachel Howard’s career as a psychologist

A psychologist is not a scientist or an engineer.She is a psychologist and she works in a profession.And she is famous.Howard is one of the country’s most prominent female psychologists and has a reputation for being highly intelligent, insightful and driven.Howard, the chair of the psychology department at Louisiana State University, is a self-proclaimed “science […]

Woman accused of drugging and raping girl, 18, after sex with her in the Philippines

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A 19-year-old New York woman has been charged with drugging a teenage girl and raping her after having sex with the girl in the country’s south and allegedly posting the incident on Facebook, authorities said.The New York County District Attorney’s office said on Wednesday it charged Adria Richards, a New York […]