Four Four Four Two: What to do when your child’s behaviour changes

FourFour Two: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD’S CHALLENGES CHANGE?There are four main stages to changing behaviour, says forensic psychologist and education expert Dr Helen Korsgaard.What you can do when you have your child: 1.You can talk about the changes in your child, whether or not they’re normal.2.You need to consider what you can say […]

Which college is best for a forensic psychologist?

In the first of a two-part series, The Washington Times examines which college students should pursue a career in forensic psychology, and whether the education required is worth the cost.This article was originally published in The Washington Journal of Psychology.To read more articles from The Washington Examiner, visit The Washington Report.

Which mental health professionals are most qualified?

As mental health experts across the country grapple with a record number of deaths due to suicide, a new report from the American Psychological Association suggests the best mental health specialists for treating those who are suicidal may be those with no formal training in psychiatry.The report, published Tuesday by the American Psychiatric Association’s Task […]

Forensic psychologist education required for doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health professionals

Educators must complete an approved forensic psychology course before they can practice in the state of Washington.According to the Washington Department of Health, the course requires a teacher with at least a bachelor’s degree, and a minimum grade of C or better.It also requires that a student complete an accredited post-graduate education program, such as […]