How to avoid the high cost of an eating disorder

It’s not easy.It can take years to get over an eating problem, even for someone who has been struggling with it for years.For those of us who have been dealing with eating disorders for years, this is the reality of dealing with them in the real world.But we can learn from the experiences of others.And […]

When You Need to Know How Much Your Salary is, But You Don’t Care

When you need to know how much your salary is, but you don’t care, you can’t go wrong with hiring a psychologist.And it’s not only because you want to make sure your child’s school, college, or even your company gets paid a fair wage.The pay and benefits of psychologists are a matter of public interest.As […]

Why you should consider Air Force psychologist and Air Force veteran Johnnie Cochran as a top-notch adviser

Former Air Force officer and psychologist Johnnie “Jack” Cochran has been selected as the U.S. Air Force’s top psychologist for the next five years, the Air Force announced Thursday.The announcement was made during a ceremony at the Pentagon.Cochran has led Air Force Psychological Services since 2011.The announcement came as the Air National Guard prepares to […]