Psychologists, nurses to get $15,000 raises as new wage hikes take effect

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Psychology graduate students who graduated this year will get a raise of $15 an hour to $17 an hour, a move that’s expected to help their compensation.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Thursday that the new minimum wage will rise to $11.60 an hour starting January 1.The increase is part of […]

Licensed educational psychologist salaries,licensed psychologist salaries – New Zealand

New Zealand’s licensed educational psychologist has become a lucrative and well-paid profession, with a salary that tops $100,000 a year.The New Zealand Medical Research Council has published the salaries of its three licensed educational psychologists, and paid them $100k in 2016, and $85,000 in 2015.“It’s a very high salary, particularly in the private sector, and […]