LPC vs Psychologist Certification

New York’s LPC Psychology Certification Program has been criticized for failing to provide accurate information about its qualifications, and for offering only vague and outdated information.The New York State Psychiatric Institute, which is a private organization, claims that its credential is based on the DSM-5.But that hasn’t stopped the state from issuing certification for all […]

How to Find the Right Job With an E-Z Job, LPC vs psychologist

The LPC, or “lean into” program, is a popular way for companies to get employees to start thinking about and engaging with the company’s culture and business practices.The LNCP program is designed to help employees start working for their employer from an early age.The company typically requires employees to attend one of the company-run training […]

Aussie psychologist vs psychologist austin Texas

Texas psychologist says he’s willing to spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric unit.Aussie psychologist laura bergman says she will spend the next 10 years in a mental health unit after she was jailed for a ‘grossly negligent’ act of misconduct in the care of children.She had denied making false claims to the […]