LPC vs Psychologist Certification

New York’s LPC Psychology Certification Program has been criticized for failing to provide accurate information about its qualifications, and for offering only vague and outdated information.The New York State Psychiatric Institute, which is a private organization, claims that its credential is based on the DSM-5.But that hasn’t stopped the state from issuing certification for all […]

How to build a $25 million business psychology consulting business

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I pay for a psychological consulting company?”If you’re looking to hire an experienced psychotherapist, you’ll probably want to be sure you’re paying for the right kind of service.In this article, we’re going to outline the pros and cons of psychological consulting.Let’s talk psychology consulting.Pros: Pros: You’ll pay more […]

When a woman can’t get her PhD, a new generation of psychologists has stepped up

The future of clinical psychology is in jeopardy if a growing number of women are left out of the field, according to a new report.The shortage of psychologists is leading to a generation of young women without an education in psychology, according the report, released by the National Institute of Mental Health.A growing number are […]