Why you’re more likely to be fired from your job than fired from an online dating profile

When a company decides to hire you for a job, it may be because they need someone with a similar personality to the company’s CEO.But what if your personality is different than the CEO?In a study by Dr. Michael C. Johnson and colleagues at the University of Michigan, Dr. Johnson’s team was able to use […]

The ‘psychologist baton’ is a sign of success

Dr. Baton Rouge, an expert in the field of child development, said that he has been seeing a lot of success in the fields of mental health, education, and parenting.He said he believes that mental health professionals are often overlooked in the process of parenting, because they tend to work on the side of the […]

How to identify the difference between school psychologist and therapist

A psychologist’s role in helping students improve academically and socially is not always an easy one to define.Many professionals and researchers do not think that a psychologist can do much beyond what is recommended by their academic training.What is required is more than just a doctorate.A psychologist needs to be able to provide practical support […]