Why early psychologists should be grateful for their early experiences

Early psychologists have a special place in the history of early psychology.The early psychologists of the nineteenth century had a unique understanding of what made people tick.They were able to discern the social value of human behavior, which was often shaped by the experiences of people around them.For instance, early psychologists were able not only […]

How to pay for a neuropsychologist’s tuition in Ohio

In Ohio, the cost of a neuroscientist’s tuition can reach as high as $150,000, according to a report by a nonprofit group that advocates for students with disabilities.A neuropsychology degree is required to get a job with a state-funded university, but it is not required to be licensed as a psychologist.To pay for the education, […]

How to find a good psychology job in Ohio

Ohio’s governor has issued a new statewide directive to help fill the jobs gap in Ohio.The state’s top psychologist job title is in jeopardy.Gov.John Kasich has issued an order that requires employers to pay at least $100 per hour for psychologists, which is the highest minimum wage in the country.It’s a major setback for the […]