How a ‘psychologist education’ requirement could put you in jail

In April, the Supreme Court ruled that the Justice Department could no longer ask psychologists for clinical training, prompting many to wonder whether a psychological training requirement would be needed.Now, psychologists have weighed in on the issue.According to psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Ramey, the current law would create a massive amount of uncertainty for practicing psychologists […]

When It Comes to Medical Specialists, How Much Do They Make?

A new study finds that there is no difference between psychiatrists and psychologists, but there are many differences.“There is no such thing as a ‘purely mental’ psychiatrist,” the study authors write.“In the vast majority of cases, the psychiatrist is a licensed psychologist and has an appropriate education and training.”In fact, the study found that the […]

The ‘psychologist baton’ is a sign of success

Dr. Baton Rouge, an expert in the field of child development, said that he has been seeing a lot of success in the fields of mental health, education, and parenting.He said he believes that mental health professionals are often overlooked in the process of parenting, because they tend to work on the side of the […]

Forensic psychologist education required for doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health professionals

Educators must complete an approved forensic psychology course before they can practice in the state of Washington.According to the Washington Department of Health, the course requires a teacher with at least a bachelor’s degree, and a minimum grade of C or better.It also requires that a student complete an accredited post-graduate education program, such as […]