How to change your mind about mental health: ‘I’m going to lose my mind’

With her head spinning and her mind reeling, Courtney Boudreau was ready to give up.She knew it was the right thing to do.But the decision was made too late.Her husband, Josh, had an unexpected side effect, which he was now forced to confront: His wife’s thoughts were out of control.He would have to face them.But […]

‘We have to get a grip’: Why we need to stop buying into the myths of wealth and self-reliance

In the late 1980s, psychologist John Garcia became obsessed with the idea that people with the same level of self-confidence as their average joe could easily become rich and famous.Garcia’s theory was that a person’s self-esteem could be manipulated by the way he or she handled stress, which in turn could make a person feel […]

Psychologist in court for trying to influence outcome of ‘worst of the worst’ case

A psychologist who tried to influence the outcome of a Florida teenager’s case is in court as she seeks a plea deal.Fort Worth police said Daniel Thomas has been charged with tampering with evidence after he allegedly tried to discredit a witness and influence a jury, the Associated Press reported.Fort Wayne police said they have […]