Children with autism need psychological help, psychologist says

Psychology is important in understanding what’s going on in children with autism.However, it is also essential to have an understanding of the complex issues that exist within a child’s environment.Psychologist and child psychologist Dr. Lisa Stenmark explains what you need to know about autism and why it is important for professionals to have expertise in […]

What psychologist do you do with your hands?

Psychologists are experts in diagnosing disorders and treating the underlying causes of illness.But it is rare to find one who can diagnose and treat mental illnesses without also doing something about the hands.In a new series of videos, psychologists and clinical psychologists discuss the best ways to manage mental illness without having to resort to […]

How to earn more from a clinical psychologist

When you’re considering a clinical psychology degree, the first question is what kind of training you’re looking for.This is a critical factor in whether you’ll end up with a clinical or a clinical assistant job.Clinical psychology is an undergraduate degree, but some of the more advanced courses can lead to a clinical career.If you’re planning […]

The difference between psychologist and psychiatrist degrees

What’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist degree?Most psychologists are psychologists, but a growing number of psychiatrists are also psychologists.Both schools have their own curriculum, curriculum standards, and curriculum materials.Many psychiatrists work in clinical psychology programs, but some also work in adult and adolescent psychiatry programs.Some psychologists have specialties in a specific area […]

Why do some children with ADHD need to go to prison?

Some children with ADD, ADHD, and/or other developmental delays are placed in prison for their own safety, as a result of a failure to provide them with appropriate treatment.A report released by the National Institute of Mental Health in July found that in 2012, 6% of children with a diagnosed developmental delay or delay-related disorder […]

When It Comes to Medical Specialists, How Much Do They Make?

A new study finds that there is no difference between psychiatrists and psychologists, but there are many differences.“There is no such thing as a ‘purely mental’ psychiatrist,” the study authors write.“In the vast majority of cases, the psychiatrist is a licensed psychologist and has an appropriate education and training.”In fact, the study found that the […]


A new report released by a private healthcare provider, the Lexington Medical Group, suggests that Kentucky’s medical reconstruction program, which provides free care to people recovering from surgeries, is a failure.The report, which is part of the Lexington Institute for the Public Interest, found that many Kentucky patients who received medical reconstruction services, while having […]

How to be a Child psychologist with the Right Salary

A child psychologist with a PhD is not a job for everyone.But there are certain jobs where being a child psychologist can be a lucrative career.In a few cases, the child psychologist is able to earn more than $200,000 a year.In some cases, that can easily make a child a millionaire.In other cases, child psychologists […]