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How To Calm The Fears And
Of Children Of Divorce
And Empower Them
Before, During And After
With Simple Proven Principles
That You Can Implement Today

Parents have the best intentions for their children
when it comes to navigating a divorce but unfortunately,
children are not born with an instruction manual


Uncertain of how to best support a child through divorce, parents often fall back on old Myths like these:

  • Kids are resilient, they’ll be fine”
  • “My child is too young to understand
  • “My children won’t even notice, I don’t need to tell them
  • “We just won’t use the “D word” (Divorce) in front of the children”

Any of these sound familiar?

You many have heard others say things like this or perhaps have even said them yourself.

They are all Myths!

Fact: Children are miracles, they are far smarter than most
give them credit for and they are highly intuitive. They
study our energy, our actions and our words
and little
gets by them.

Knowing this, divorce needs to be approached in an open and honest way allowing the children to move through the process while maintaining their identity and self worth.

My name is Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill and I have been a Psychologist in private practice for over 26 years. Over that time
frame I have literally spent tens of thousands of hours in private therapy sessions with children, couples and families working through the before, during, and after stages of divorce.

From all those experiences, from all those people, and from all those unique life situations, I have seen patterns and developed strategies that have helped so many move through divorce with dignity and self worth.

Earlier I said that children are not born with an instruction manual and that’s true. However, as we move through life we do pick up valuable knowledge along the way. It’s my mission to share some of my knowledge with you.

My client load as a Psychologist is at capacity and has been for a very long time. There are just not enough hours in the day to serve all those in need and the steady stream of referrals. So the idea for this Empowering Children of Divorce web site was born.

This technology allows me to share my knowledge and experience with a much wider audience without the limitations of either time or location.

To help get you started on the journey of Empowering Children of Divorce I have put together a tool that I have used in my private sessions successfully over and over again.

It’s called Five Commitmentsand it is five simple yet critical
commitments you can make today that WILL empower your child before, during and after divorce.

Oh, and it’s completely FREE, my gift to You. My wish is that you apply what you learn.

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I’m so glad you took the time to read this over, understand the mission, and request the “Five Commitments”.

Empowering Children of Divorce

Dr. SueAnne Magyar-Hill

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