LPC vs Psychologist Certification

New York’s LPC Psychology Certification Program has been criticized for failing to provide accurate information about its qualifications, and for offering only vague and outdated information.The New York State Psychiatric Institute, which is a private organization, claims that its credential is based on the DSM-5.But that hasn’t stopped the state from issuing certification for all […]

Why ‘psychotherapy’ is over and the end of ‘psychiatry as we know it’

A new wave of therapists and psychologists has emerged to help people overcome their chronic pain and depression, but they’re increasingly questioning their core beliefs about the field.Key points:A wave of new ‘psychopaths’ are popping up as the trend of ‘self-help’ therapies continues”It’s a great time to be a psychologist, because it’s a new world, […]

Why are conservatives so angry about President Trump?

A conservative psychologist and activist has launched an online petition urging President Donald Trump to resign.“It’s been a month of anger and frustration,” Dr. James Dobson told BuzzFeed News in an exclusive interview.“I don’t have a cure for it.We’re still waiting for it to be cured.But I’m tired of watching the Republicans and Democrats in […]

How to get a mental health diagnosis, doctor says

How to tell if your mental health disorder has been diagnosed.If you think your doctor is right about you, call them and let them know.The best thing you can do to get more help is to talk with your doctor about your symptoms.If they feel you’re struggling with a mental illness, call your doctor right […]

Why early psychologists should be grateful for their early experiences

Early psychologists have a special place in the history of early psychology.The early psychologists of the nineteenth century had a unique understanding of what made people tick.They were able to discern the social value of human behavior, which was often shaped by the experiences of people around them.For instance, early psychologists were able not only […]

How to find the best neuroscientist job today

Cognitive psychologist salaries are up by $10.3 billion this year.That’s because more companies are hiring neuroscientists, as demand for neuroscientics continues to grow.However, the biggest gains have been in states that don’t require neuroscientic licenses.Here’s a look at how you can get a job at one of the top brain scientists jobs.The brainscientist is a […]

‘He’s not a bad man’: How psychologist accused of rape in Sydney’s north-west was exonerated

The father of a teenage girl accused of sexually assaulting a schoolmate at his home in Sydney says he’s not guilty of raping the teenager, but the case is now “out of the spotlight” after his former girlfriend was cleared.Key points:Psychologist accused of raping teen in North West accused of sexual assault in NSW says […]

Irish psychologists in the UK report no shortage of help for mental health issues

Psychological professionals in the United Kingdom have faced a lack of access to specialist mental health services in recent years, but a survey released today suggests that some are struggling with the challenge.The study, which polled about 2,500 psychologists, psychologists assistants, therapists and allied health professionals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, found that the […]