How to handle your autistic client, by psychologist vs counselor

We are talking about a doctor who is treating someone with autism and their parents. He/she is a practicing psychologist, who works with a lot of clients. They are very high functioning, but their social skills are still limited and they are not as well developed in other areas of their life. It is very difficult to treat […]

‘People are not stupid’: New ‘psychology of the people’

A new psychology of the “people” is under way in the United States.As a result, psychologists are now being called upon to help identify, diagnose and treat mental illness.The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead agency for the research and development of the new approach.The new model of psychology focuses on understanding […]

How to Find a School Psychologist

I just got back from the top 10 school psychologists in the US, but I’ve noticed a few things about the school psychologists I’ve met:1.They’re all so different.I’ve been able to work with the top school psychologists, but not the average one.For instance, a typical school psychologist would be a clinical psychologist, a social worker, […]

Four Four Four Two: What to do when your child’s behaviour changes

FourFour Two: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD’S CHALLENGES CHANGE?There are four main stages to changing behaviour, says forensic psychologist and education expert Dr Helen Korsgaard.What you can do when you have your child: 1.You can talk about the changes in your child, whether or not they’re normal.2.You need to consider what you can say […]

LPC vs Psychologist Certification

New York’s LPC Psychology Certification Program has been criticized for failing to provide accurate information about its qualifications, and for offering only vague and outdated information.The New York State Psychiatric Institute, which is a private organization, claims that its credential is based on the DSM-5.But that hasn’t stopped the state from issuing certification for all […]

Why ‘psychotherapy’ is over and the end of ‘psychiatry as we know it’

A new wave of therapists and psychologists has emerged to help people overcome their chronic pain and depression, but they’re increasingly questioning their core beliefs about the field.Key points:A wave of new ‘psychopaths’ are popping up as the trend of ‘self-help’ therapies continues”It’s a great time to be a psychologist, because it’s a new world, […]

Why are conservatives so angry about President Trump?

A conservative psychologist and activist has launched an online petition urging President Donald Trump to resign.“It’s been a month of anger and frustration,” Dr. James Dobson told BuzzFeed News in an exclusive interview.“I don’t have a cure for it.We’re still waiting for it to be cured.But I’m tired of watching the Republicans and Democrats in […]

How to get a mental health diagnosis, doctor says

How to tell if your mental health disorder has been diagnosed.If you think your doctor is right about you, call them and let them know.The best thing you can do to get more help is to talk with your doctor about your symptoms.If they feel you’re struggling with a mental illness, call your doctor right […]