When are forensic psychologists best?

When the forensic psychologist comes to your door, he or she is an expert.You’re unlikely to see one without a degree.And when they do, they’re not the most well-known forensic psychologists in Canada.That honor goes to Dr. James Hirschhorn.Hirschhorn was a psychologist in Toronto before the city became a forensic jurisdiction in the late 1990s.He […]

How a ‘psychologist education’ requirement could put you in jail

In April, the Supreme Court ruled that the Justice Department could no longer ask psychologists for clinical training, prompting many to wonder whether a psychological training requirement would be needed.Now, psychologists have weighed in on the issue.According to psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Ramey, the current law would create a massive amount of uncertainty for practicing psychologists […]

Why you’re more likely to be fired from your job than fired from an online dating profile

When a company decides to hire you for a job, it may be because they need someone with a similar personality to the company’s CEO.But what if your personality is different than the CEO?In a study by Dr. Michael C. Johnson and colleagues at the University of Michigan, Dr. Johnson’s team was able to use […]

How to Choose Your School Psychology Job Job With Listed Salary and Benefits

What is a school psychologist?As with many career paths, a school psychology job requires a high level of education and experience.This article will provide a quick look at the different types of schools and schools with their own curriculum, job titles, and salary ranges. For more information on career paths in the field of psychology, please […]

How to get a high salary as a psychologist

Portsmouth psychologist John Caruso is one of many highly sought-after job titles in the United Kingdom, with the average salary for one of them at £80,000.The position, which has been on the UK’s bestseller list since 2012, pays well, but Caruson says it’s not the best place to start his career.“It’s a big pay packet, […]

Psychology teachers face tough competition from Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and more to fill positions at schools

By Steve Loomis/Business Insider Psychology educators are facing the challenge of filling more than 1 million jobs in the next five years, but with each year that passes, the number of positions in the field grows.In addition to being more competitive, these jobs are more lucrative than ever, and as the workforce becomes increasingly educated, […]

The psychology of love and the psychological benefits of a monogamous relationship

A psychological study finds that being in a committed, monogamous and monogamous love relationship may be as beneficial as monogamous marriage in terms of the brain and physical health.The research was carried out by a team from the University of Sheffield, who have also published a number of studies showing that monogamous relationships have a […]

A new look at the “fear” of African Americans and their mental health

The “fears” of mental illness among African Americans are “unjustified,” according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association (APA).The report, published on Monday, said that the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) defines “anxiety” as a fear of an imminent threat, while other mental disorders include “anorexia nervosa,” “borderline […]